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As a playwright, Padraic has worked at theaters throughout L.A., including The Met Theater, The Echo Theater Co., Sacred Fools Theater Co., Theater of Note, Cypress College, The Road Theatre, and Ensemble Studio Theatre LA. His full-length plays include The Illustrious Birth of Padraic T. Duffy, Feet, The Mechanical Rabbit, Tell the Bees, Something is Hidden Inside the Couch, Past Time, Beaverquest! The Musical!, Puzzler, and Copy. He is a proud member of The Sacred Fools Theater Company, and serves as its Managing Director.


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Playwright Padraic Duffy’s ideas seem boundless, and they show originality and a playful sense of language. His mixture of tones- childlike wonder with freakish sexuality, cerebral purity with earthy humor- make Duffy’s voice unique.

...audaciously original... suggests what might result if the Dixie Chicks channeled William S. Burroughs while Ren and Stimpy stole Willie Nelson's stash...

Los Angeles Times

There’s nothing flat about Padraic Duffy’s smart, vivacious comedy, which artfully melds the mood of a Christopher Durang play with the nonlinear logic of a Monty Python skit.

 LA Weekly



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June 2017


by Henry Dittman, Padraic Duffy, Jacob Sidney, Victor Isaac, Mike Lanahan & French Stewart

PUBLISHER: Post Hill Press

Six dads share an instant messenger thread to share advice, tears, and dirty jokes as they help each other navigate the joyful insanity of fatherhood.

One very, very late night, in a state of panic, a new dad reaches out to five of his buddies via instant messenger to ask for advice on being a father. What results is a nonstop stream of consciousness as the Daddy Drinks daddies overshare, gripe, grouse, complain, and offer questionable guidance to one another on how to keep their kids alive and their marriages intact.

Daddy Drinks is the real transcript lifted from that messenger thread that shines a comedic light on the idea that almost any man can be a father—but almost no father knows what the hell he’s doing!

Daddy Drinks is a celebration of the ups and downs of raising a new baby—not just the fatigue and worry—but also the immense joys of newfound fatherhood.

Features a begrudging foreword from TV dad Patrick Duffy.



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