90 min

 Chris is desperate- his girlfriend is leaving him because he’s just too immature. His plan to get her back? He convinces his grandfather James to go out with her playing the role of “Chris.” The new “Chris” will say all of the right things that will make her fall back in love with him. This is all a bit confusing for James‘ candle-obsessed wife Delilah and his best friend Lou, who runs a mall kiosk that sells painted plastic unicorns. Soon everyone is playing each others’ characters as they struggle to rekindle their relationships and remember who they are. Poignant and funny, this play reminds us to enjoy life’s every moment.

key art by Chris Hutchings

photography by Geoffrey Wade

110 min

Hired as a "puzzler" by the German Government, Niklas Keller spends his days piecing together shredded Stasi files left behind from the collapse of East Germany. However, when a young American woman shows up to do research for her thesis, questions are raised about who each of them really are, what hidden connections exist between them, and what really happened one winter day in 1973 West Berlin.

graphic design by Kiff Scholl

120 min

When mild-mannered Theo loses his beloved cat, he begins a laughing club in the office bathroom as therapy.  Soon a rival crying club is formed in the opposite bathroom, and a deadly power struggle ensues. COPY is a darkly absurd office play (with music!) that explores memory, loss, obsession, daguerrotypes, and the rise of laughing clubs- real life therapeutic groups that have formed throughout the world to laugh.

3W/2M (3-5 actors possible)
80 min

Two plays that explore the hilarious and poignant futility of language and the need to connect with others. In ‘Old Hat,’ a lonely, widowed hat salesman forms a relationship with a math teacher who doesn’t no any math; In ‘Something is Hidden Inside the Couch,’ a drunk writer vomits coins and hurls insults at his estranged wife, who is having an affair with a man living in their couch, as they both obsess about the neighbor in the apartment below. 

Additional plays available upon request

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